Sunday, March 25, 2018

"Marks Make Meaning" - "(tele)consequences"

Together we all drew themes - Micro Home, Shared Garden, Mind Map and Global Zoo, during "(tele)consequences", a networked collaborative drawing performance installation for the multidisciplinary drawing exhibition "Marks Make Meaning" at the Grand Parade Gallery, University of Brighton on 12th to 29th March 2018. Concept by Paul Sermon, produced in collaboration with Jeremy Radvan. Go to this link for videos
Participants in Brighton: Connie Wright, Lucy Topp, Tyla Johnson, Georgii Popov-Lvov, Emily Brooks, Ella Krill, Lucia Vinti, Helen Ferry, Ella Willson-Smith, Emily Wallace, Hayley Kay Adams, Phoebe Chaehee Cho, Sarah Weights, Raveena Hayer, Ziyoo Hwang, Ash Whittaker, Lili Toth, Harry Jones, Emma Peterson, Cassie Seal, Loren Willden Pitter and Esme Mackenzie from 2nd year BA(Hons) Illustration.

International Participants: Kavita Singh Kale from New Delhi in India, Patrick Ford and Nina, Yiu Lai Lei from Hong Kong, Kiera O'Toole and Anna Spearman from Sligo in Ireland, Robin Englebright from Brighton in England.