Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visual Diary

"Visual Diary" solo show at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi

Raised in Delhi and relocating to claustrophobic Mumbai city opened doors to new culture that led me to document day to day life in sketchbooks. This in-turn churned up to spontaneous artistic expression seamlessly shedding it out by combining different embedded events that have affected my life- consciously or subconsciously. This documentation was shown as a solo show titled “Visual Diary” at the Visual Arts Gallery, New Delhi. 
The exhibition comprising of paintings, drawings, video art and sculptures done in past few years, was about loosening chaos in mind by translating day to day life in the form of a diary. The body of work has certain specific reflections of events which have happened over the period of time that has left strong impressions on the artist. These embedded events have affected life consciously or subconsciously and has urged me to collectively document it with different visual media. 

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