Monday, August 9, 2010

FRAGILE "Strings Attached"

“FRAGILE ‘Strings Attached’ “
Wood, Altered found objects, Plexiglass, Emseel, Acrylic paints
160x91x76 cms, 2010

Change is inevitable as we progress into the future. The growth of our urban environment and a state of sudden flux of economic shift has brought in dramatic but sporadic change where we see marriage between modern and old in Delhi. People who are a part of these changes in the topology have been coping with it. Although it is beneficial to them, it has also caused hurdles in their day-to-day life. Rather they have been patient to feel the final excitement of progress. The sculpture portray the urban growth that is happening on top and inside each entity. Sometimes benefiting some while affecting the others- causing dominoes effect.


nikheel said...

looks great Kavita!
I have to check this in real, have to!!

Kavita Singh Kale said...

hey thanks. Go for the show!!!

Annierita said...

I like this serie it's exactly what we all live, caged in little boxes and tied with lots of strings. And we seem to like it !!!!
And the way you show it is wonderful.

Kavita Singh Kale said...

Thanks Annie! I had fun making it!