Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Facebook Friends

My Facebook Friends

44 Pages, 20x28 cms

Full Colour Picture Book 
Tulika Publishers, 2012

Age:10+ and Young Adults

I have written and illustrated several children's books for publishers like Tulika. This is my fifth book with them and second as an author. One of the painting titled ‘Facebook‘ was a rendition of a tiny sketchbook that was filled with drawings of my friends. This painting increased my curiosity to take it further. The idea of putting  a book together for children emerged when I started compiling all the details of my friends, who were from diverse background doing very interesting. The book was to keep the information of the individuals as authentic as possible while it remained narrative and interesting that clubbed various aspects from their daily activity in an simple order. Ideal approach was to put all the information in a condensed manner and represent it in the format of a comic book or graphic novel. 

Tulika Publishers "A young monk who likes playing football, a professor who has been studying earthworms for 40 years, a designer with a passion for tap dancing... My Facebook Friends, as the title suggests, is inspired by the virtual phenomenon of social networking. An imaginative take on it combines her love for travel with an uplifting offbeat perspective, colourfully map diverse stories from all over the world -- India, Nepal, Korea, Kenya, Spain and more."
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