Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Generation Y

Youth is the force behind growing economy and their directions are constantly changing based on their perception and interaction of technology. Technology is supersaturated and the outflow has made it accessible through out the world, giving rise to uniformity and stiff competition amongst this section. On Credit, Impulse, Second Life Mutation, are based on the influences of nation’s economy with the pros and cons of youth behavioral patterns.

The painting On Credit is about the purchasing power of youth population that prefers fast, bold and unsecured life. Unlike previous generation in India who preferred to save money and lead simple lives, these young populous rely heavily on credit cards. This is also affecting the society as the energetic group gets entangled in financial problems rather than fulfilling their future goals. Living on credit is fairly new to the culture and people of this age group do not understand its consequences. 

Second Life Mutation is a sculpture that depicts entities ability to explore what their hearts desire by creating different forms of oneself. The cluster of twelve fiber glass bricks with cheap plastic toys that are petrified, denotes the mutation state of mind of individuals with identity crisis. It is about conflict with physical and get away virtual world spaces that is spreading amongst the people around the world. 

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