Thursday, August 8, 2013

Glitz and Glamour

The close integrated film and television work that I do as a filmmaker has opened doors to inside stories of people involved in the film industry, where I have compressed narratives of these individuals doing their part behind the camera to get the perfect frame of glitz and glamour. Paintings like Planet Bollywood, Item Number, Mumbia Ishtyle, Death of Reality, Posers and Size Zero, depict other side of the industry where hundreds of very skilled migrants from different parts of India and other countries, come to a point to fulfill their dreams. This series show professionals doing small or big role with lots of dedication in extremely vulnerable conditions. 

Indian popular Cinema known as Bollywood, makes commercial success because of sensual, provocative dance sequence known as “Item Number” that comes in the film out of no where. Although it is stand alone, it blends well regardless of the genre of the film because it has been embedded in the state of mind rather than logical reasoning. It works well as a strategy of drawing people's attention. But in the process of churning out profits, it also degrades the society by portraying women as eye-candy, even though their role is pivotal from every walks of life. There are number of background dancers who ware similar cloths as main actors. The contrasting difference is that these dancers are paid a very small fraction of money in comparison to heroes and heroines. The painting Item Number is about celebrating the space of these underprivileged people who aspire to become big one day, while they dance along their idols.

The painting Death of Reality depicts the misleading aspects of reality TV shows where producer create fabricated situations to conduct competition for more Target Rating Point (TRP). The victims are all the participants who gets ready to do anything for few minuets of screen space.

On the other hand another work named as Size Zero shows that how a mother cannot avoid daughter the concept of women being represented as icon of beauty that has been constantly fed to the society through various media. The use of underweight models has been feeding wrong signals to young girls who look up to them. Even if these ultra-thin models are financially sound, some of them still restrict themselves from eating what they really need to in order to be unrealistically thin. This makes them suffer from anorexia that is synonymous to 'Size Zero'. Ironically, the mind set of beautification for girls starts at a very young age where they are handed over perfect looking dolls and are asked to pamper them.

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