Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Korean Cultural Centre welcome you to the opening of the next exhibition "Woman Times". The exhibition will be on display at Korean Cultural Centre, India from 15th to 30th December, 2014.

Opening Ceremony: 15th December, 5:00 pm
Followed by Special performance: By Artists Shashi Bharati

Women artists of both India and Korea gathered to share their artistic spirits! The purpose of this exhibition "WOMAN TIMES" is not such a radical feminism theory of the role of gender but recovering of the woman's identity itself rewinding HER STORY. They only assert that woman's liberation as a necessary part of larger guest for social, economic and political justice. Woman artists confront the common root of sexism, racism and classism; the determination of a life of oppression or privilege based on accidents of birth or circumstances. They value synthetics and cooperation rather than conflict and competition. Woman artists expressed their artistic intuition with their Motherhood which is most important in the world.

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