Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A comic approach to SDGs: 17 Seen Unseen, a graphic novel for 12+ children

A comic approach to SDGs: Seen Unseen 
UNESCO MGIEP in partnership with India Habitat Centre and the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, inaugurated an art installation on the Sustainable Development Goals at the Jor Bagh Metro Station on 5th of December, 2016. The art installation consists of extracts from a comic book produced by UNESCO MGIEP to raise awareness about the SDGs. The comic book is a story of three young people taking on the problems of the world like poverty, illiteracy and so on. The world problems have been depicted as monsters.
The exhibition was inaugurated by Anantha Duraiappah, Director, UNESCO MGIEP along with the creators of the comic book Kavita Kale and Santosh Kale in the presence of eminent Indian film actor Manoj Bajpai. The striking images piqued on the curiosity of the passers by and got them interested in the SDGs. Daily commuters of the Delhi Metro could be seen clicking pictures of the stark black and white images of the comic.
At the inauguration ceremony of the art installation, Anantha Durraiappah said, “education can happen through a range of media and UNESCO MGIEP has chosen comics to have a wider outreach. Our target is to get common people, especially the young, interested in the Sustainable Development Goals.”
About the Comic: Seen Unseen
To make the SDGs a reality, it is essential that we adopt creative approaches to solving world problems. At UNESCO MGIEP, we have developed a graphic novel to reach young people, who we believe, are the torch bearers for this change. To sow the ideas of peace, sustainability and global citizenship, it is important that we speak to young people in ways they find interesting. The displays here are the result of this idea. UNESCO MGIEP engaged two creative minds, Kavita Singh and Santosh Kale who sat with our team comprising of academicians, scientists, educators and freethinkers and have created this fictional narrative.
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Download here: 17SeenUnseen

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