Sunday, December 13, 2009

Artist Statement

Kavita Singh Kale (Born, Himachal Pradesh, India) studied BFA Painting from College of Art, Delhi University and PG Animation from National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad, India. Kavita’s background as an artist and a designer enables her to draw a thin line between- design fallowing functionality verses pure self-expression. This temperament has evolved her as a Trasnmedia Artist and her curiosity is to explore ideas from holistic point of view of visual media, where there are no constraints or boundaries for the spectrum of techniques or the use of abundant technology. She works in a variety of media including installations, sculptures, book art, paintings, and videos.

Winner of couple of Promax awards, she was the recipient of the UnBox Labs British Council Fellowship in 2014, Darsana National Book Award in 2013, Silver Conch Award at Mumbai International Film Festival in 2006 and IBDA Award in 2005.

Kavita was recently an artist in residence at Can Serrat Art Centre in 2015 and UnBox Labs in 2014. She has been part of many film and literature festival such as Annecy International Animated Film Festival, SIGGRAPH Asia, Bookaroo, AFCC Singapore and has shown her work at the New India Designscape at Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Uijeongbu Arts Center in Seoul, National Museum of Art at Constanta in Romania.

People around me- strangers, acquaintance, family and friends are the building blocks for my narratives. Society categorized common people as identifiers based on many aspects from socio- economic conditions to linguistic backgrounds. This nullify the true characteristics of individuals and as an artist, my intervention is to break the stereotype cliché and build stories around individuals by closely observing them and creating microcosmic environment of barest minimal- essentials. 

In past two years, Kavita has interpreted elements of nature as demigods who are in conflict with the monsters that have mutated from the by-products of human consumption. The series of narrative artworks describe a state of the enigma- where battles between the two groups are undecided with the display of power struggle.

Open Source Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs and Gear Up ( are based on case of Nirbhaya Delhi gang rape. The video talks about some hypothetical concepts of future gadgets for self-defense from predators. On the other hand STRI 1.0 - Even she has safety bugs is about women being vulnerable even if they are geared up. STRI 1.0 is a comment on a system that has completely failed to give women her right to live without fear.

The close integrated broadcast work that Kavita does as a filmmaker opened doors to inside stories of people involved in the film industry, where she has compressed narratives of these individuals doing their part behind the camera to get the perfect frame of glitz and glamour. Paintings like Item Number, Planet Bollywood, Mumbia Ishtyle and Daydreamers depict other side of the industry where hundreds of very skilled migrants, come to a point to fulfill their dreams. The works like Youth Potion, Cluster, Second Life Mutation and Size Zero are based on the influences of nation’s economy with the pros and cons of youth behavioral patterns.

Motherhood opened doors to new experiences that led to documentation of day-to-day life in sketchbooks. This extended to spontaneous artistic expression. These events that affect my life- consciously or subconsciously is expressed through art works like Lalaland, Pink Vs Blue, Shopping Spree, Sleeping on the Pillow and Life takes a full circle.

Fragile Strings Attached and the video art Arrested Fast Forward ( are about sudden flux of Delhi’s growing economy and urban development, while it has its own repercussion on common people. The Idea further led to New India Designscape art installation, for La Triennale di Milano museum in Italy. 

Kavita's latest stint was with UNESCO MGIEP when she got the opportunity to co-author and illustrate a graphic novel along with Santosh Kale for children. The book is based on UN's 17 sustainable development goals.17 Seen Unseen, a graphic novel

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