Tuesday, December 6, 2011


"Augment to the Next", Digital Print on archival paper, 32"x48", 2011, Edition of 2 (+1 AP)
"Youth Potion", Digital print on archival paper, 32"x48", 2011, Edition of 2 (+1 AP)

A4 ARPLE curated by Johny ML
Gallery Ragini
New Delhi

"Moving out of hard bound dictionary and adaptation to new, shortcut and "lingo-morphic" words and sentences have become new ways of communication. The undercurrent of all these is the binary system that runs the technology and the symbiotic relation with the gadgets that mediates new ways of communication. This change is not limited to language alone but also to the physical forms of genetically designed food, animals and environment. My approach to this is to denote, mix and match hybrid imagery." 
With changes happening overnight, we are stepping into the era of Augmented Reality where we will be interacting with digital elements in the physical space. The current day scenario is limited to hardware that supports digital imagery.  'Augment To The Next' is hypothetical imagery that depicts one entity’s multiple worlds but it is also a questioning of what changes could happen in communication within an individual.   

Youth potion is about exchange of words, which may sound complete or incomplete, structured or unstructured, making sense or sheer nonsense but is the driving force of coolness of youth that has gradually disintegrated into the colloquial expression. The question remains where to and how to draw boundaries with academics versus day-to-day life usage of language.


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