Monday, January 2, 2012



"Cluster", Digital print on archival paper, 32"x48", 2011, Edition of 2 (+1 AP)
We live in the world of information, where we can transfer or receive it easily. The most unique aspect of information sharing of current times is the flexibility of each one contributing to it from their point of view that makes it interactive. Thus adding aspect of unanticipated buildups of multipoint perspectives- for good or for worse. Irrespective of what our ideologies are, it does not really matter- it just happens and it is inevitable experience. In simple words, the work titled ‘Cluster’ is about ‘Individual Brainstorming’, that leads to chain reactions of collecting, connecting and creating information through spontaneous writing and drawing mind maps of thoughts. This ends up with a creation of microcosm environments that get nurtured within their respective spaces – leading to further possibilities of information sharing.

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