Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Right to live without fear


This series of works are created as a reaction to the Nirbhaya Delhi gang rape case. It started of with Johny ML curatorial show called R.A.P.E. (Rare Acts of Political Engagement), where artists were given a platform to express agitation against social atrocities.

Gear Up, Video Art
In the case of recursive abuse of women, the government put its stance on asking women to behave themselves rather than making tough laws to punish the criminals. In the wake of dejection and disbelief, hypothetical concepts popped up, of creating future gadgets for women’s self defense. The direction was to boost the moral of people and make them entrepreneurial rather than expressing pain and sorrow.

Open Source Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs, Book Art
It depicts hypothetical gadgets in the video art, went along with a documentation of each gadget, the design approach that can be taken to make them and their functionality. These were put as compiled narrative drawings that suggested as a blue print for a catalogue of future devices ideas.

STRI 1.0 - Even she has safety bugs, Sculpture
It is a representation of geared up woman as transformer. The reason for STRI to fail is because the protective shield has safety bugs. It sarcastically mocks the society by saying that women walking on the road are venerable even if they are well shielded. It depicts the system that has completely failed to give women their right to live without fear.  

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