Sunday, July 28, 2013

Transforming State

The series of works created during The WhyNot Place art residency organized by Religare Arts, talk about sudden flux of Delhi’s growing economy and urban development during 2010 Commonwealth games.

FRAGILE ‘Strings Attached’, Sculpture
Change is inevitable as we progress into future. The urban growth and a state of economic shift have brought in dramatic but sporadic changes with marriage between modern and old. People who are part of these changes in the topology have been coping with it. Although it is beneficial, it has also caused hurdles in day-to-day life. The sculpture portrays the growth that is happening on top and inside each entity. Sometimes benefiting some while affecting others, causing domino effect.

As the deadline came closer there was progress, but people were getting trapped in this fast forward process of finishing the work before the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. In the video, nothing is happening in real time. Either we see things looping fast or frozen for moment in time, giving a picture of how clogged the scenario in Delhi was during its facelift.

These ideas further lead to a commissioned art installation project called New India Designscape for La Triennale di Milano in Italy for a show on Indian Design as part of series of exhibitions, focusing on New Far East Design to investigate its multifaceted scenery. The installation depicts a state of under construction, change and progress. 

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