Friday, July 26, 2013

Roti Kapda aur Makan

This is a set of three art works created for "Roti Kapda aur Makan" curated by Anubhav Nath at Ojas Art in New Delhi.

As a nation, we are growing at a rapid pace. Although our roots are very strong, the new acceptance of global direction has been sporadic, based on the exposure and economic conditions. This triggers certain imbalances with in the society on the whole, that trickles down to each entity or vis versa. Filling in the blanks of these issues needs to be initiated from within each individual or else the dilemma can expand. As an artist and filmmaker my focus has always been to observe different walks of life and document them through various visual means.

'Size Zero'
A mother cannot avoid daughter the concept of women being represented as icon of beauty that has been constantly fed to the society through various means. The use of underweight models has been feeding wrong signals to young girls who look up to them. Even if these ultra-thin models are financially sound, they still restrict themselves from eating what they really need to in order to be unrealistically thin. This making them suffer from anorexia that is synonymous to 'Size Zero'. Ironically, the mind set of beautification for girls starts at a very young age where they are handed over perfect looking dolls and are asked to pamper them.

'Marketing & Sales'
The Unique Selling Proposition of street vendors is to provide goods at strategic points in the urban society. With the pressure of day to day survival, these entities are able to club different departments of Marketing and Sales as one unite by sheer trial and error method of luring the passers by in few minutes. The print depicts 'A' trying to understand the psychology of  'B' in order to make a sale.

'Craving Bubbles'
The ongoing process of polymorphic state of mind where there is push and pull of never ending needs and desires is depicted as hyper nature of bubbles. This print shows entity 'B' not able to understand her own
-->mind, when she has more than basic needs in life. 

mind, when she has more than basic needs in life.

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